Explorer Pressroom Solutions ® distributes a full line of Day Brasil’s Printec Printing and Coating Blankets. We stock many styles for various applications and convert all blankets in-house, to customer specifications. Below are a few of the most popular blankets we offer to meet your sheet-fed or web pressroom needs.


Specifically designed for hi-quality sheet-fed printing, the Max has a new special top surface to optimize printing quality. Its increased compressibility leads to longer life and great smash resistance, and it uses a high chemical resistance face compound that is also UV compatible and can be used with normal and hybrid inks.

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PRINTEC® 573/574

This is Printec’s most versatile sheet-fed blanket. The Invincible has a good, consistent buffed surface which provides enhanced release characteristics and carries more ink for good printing balance and excellent dot reproduction. It is a specially formulated blanket, designed for printers who constantly change paper stock and format.

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Built for high-speed heatset web presses, this blanket has an upper fabric layer and highly modified compressible layer allowing it to resist stresses placed on web blankets and provide enhanced print quality. The Summit is known for its ability to withstand sinking at the gap, provide superior ink transfer and handle a wide variety of stocks.

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The Printec® 212 Sticky is a 2 ply, adhesive-backed blanket. Its new compressible layer provides longer life and better print quality, while the new adhesive composition keeps the blanket from moving on the cylinder during production but is easily removable for replacement. This blanket is fabric backed and multi-directional.

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Usable in both sheetfed and web UV applications, this blanket’s harder surface of EDPM enhances ink transfer and allows the use of lighter weight stocks, while the modified compressible layer provides excellent smash resistance. The Fusion is highly compatible with UV and hybrid inks and washes, and resists embossing and swelling.

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PRINTEC® 333/334

Designed specifically for UV applications, the UV Producer is extremely resistant to swelling and embossing from UV inks and blanket washes do to its EPDM surface compound. New technology in low stretch, high tensile strength fabric materials, and an enhanced compressible layer, allows this blanket to print more impression than competing products.

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PRINTEC® 184/194

Printec developed a group of coating blankets. Some blankets of this group are polyester backed, featuring the Printec 115. Printec 115 and Printec 184/194 blankets, providing dimensional stability and multiple reuse. The polyester backed blankets can also be used with UV varnish.

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494 FD is the latest Printec development in coating blankets. It has the Smart Strip Technology making it an ideal blanket for coating application, but it also provides excellent results on sheet-fed presses.

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Printec has recently developed the coating blanket with the Smart Strip technology. The implemented impreovements make the stripping extremely easy, fast and precise. The Coater blankets with this technology are Printec 484 and Printec 894. The window depth and the regularity of stripping are strong features of this new technology.

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In addition to the blankets listed above, Printec manufactures a range of blankets for unique applications including Metal, Plastic and Security printing, as well as Underblankets.

Please visit Printec for details on their entire line of printing and coating blankets.
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